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Seasoning - The Sample Pack

The Sample Pack

The Flavour Chef

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We know it's hard to make a commitment but thanks to our NEW sample packs You don't need to any more, you now can try all 7 great seasoning flavours like Chilli,Lemon,Barbeque,Garlic,Mediterranean,Oriental & chocolate doughnut before Picking the right seasonings for you before buying the one you LOVE!, with our 20g Seasoning packs it make it so easy to try before you buy, so what are you waiting for no Commitment necessary.


➜ No MSG
➜ No Added Sugar
➜ No Additives or Preservatives
➜ 100% Vegan/Vegetarian
➜ 100% Paleo
➜ 100% Herbs and Spices
➜ Very Low Calories 

Each packet contains 20g which has 1 serving.

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