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Chilli This shares similar spices from our Barbeque seasoning but adds more PUNCH! Featuring chilli flakes, ground chilli and cayenne pepper to give it the kick you're looking for. Don't be fooled though, this will blow your taste buds into pieces! We have added just the right blend of spices to make sure that you can control the amount of heat for everyone to enjoy. Take your metabolism off standby and add this to your cart today. Try it as an outback rub to season your steak!

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➜ No MSG
➜ No Added Sugar
➜ No Additives or Preservatives
➜ 100% Vegan/Vegetarian
➜ 100% Paleo
➜ 100% Herbs and Spices
➜ Very Low Calories 

Each bottle contains 120g which has about 60 servings.

  • garlic 
  • onion
  • black pepper 
  • chilli flakes 
  • chilli ground 
  • cayenne pepper
  • coriander 
  • cumin
  • basil 

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