The Flavour Chef Salt-Free Seasoning Blends
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Salt-Free Seasoning Blends

Welcome to The Flavour Chef! We are a little Aussie business selling our special recipe blends of herbs and spices to help you get your kitchen cranking! Skip having to spend hours trawling recipe sites or gathering ingredients.

You can cook vegetarian, vegan, paleo, primal or any old meat and veg or baked dish easily! Our huge 120g bottles will last ages and well, the flavour will blow your mind. Ideal for meal prep. 

➜ No MSG
➜ No Added Sugar
➜ No Additives or Preservatives
➜ 100% Vegan/Vegetarian
➜ 100% Paleo
➜ 100% Herbs and Spices
➜ Very Low Calories 

Each bottle contains 120g which is about 60 servings.